Available Support for Disabled Students

There is various support available to students at Durham University. Due to its structure and operation of the collegiate system, University, College and Academic support systems are in place.


University level support spans across the entire student community.

Disability Support offers advice and guidance to students (prospective and current) and staff within the University. They also arrange appropriate provision for disabled students, as well as offer support to those who think they may have a disability, such as a specific learning difference.

The Counselling Service offers a service in counselling for those who are finding that their difficulties are hard to manage and/or are affecting their studies/work. Our Counsellors aim to help you to explore and understand more clearly the issues that concern you.

Nightline is a student led, confidential listening service, open every night of term between 9pm and 7am. 
The service is available to the entire student community regardless of their level of study and includes students studying on their Year Abroad. You can contact them about anything - such as friends and relationships, mental health, bereavement, stress, self-harm, academic worries, information (like taxi, takeaway or college porters' numbers), just for a chat or anything else that's on your mind. They also provide various supplies.


Colleges are where you can live, socialise and personally develop and thus each college can offer a high level of personal support.  

This support is delivered in various ways:


Due the individual nature of each College, please see the University Colleges page for support details and contacts.

Academic Department

Academic departments administer and deliver a student's course content. 

  • Academic Adviser

Each student is assigned a Academic Adviser on enrollment to assist with any academic issues that may arise during their degree course. If you are unsure who your Academic is, please contact your Department office directly.

Each academic department has a dedicated representative that assists students with disability related issues.